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5 remarkable qualities of effective online content
Copyblogger - 2 hours ago

When I prepare for a presentation on digital business and content marketing , I think a lot about what I want the audience to take away. Of course, there's always the First Rule of Copyblogger , which I preach to anyone who will listen.

Russia looks to china for internet censorship advice
Multilingual Search - 2 hours ago

Global Marketing News - 6th May 2016 Russia looks to China for internet censorship advice Russian multi-millionaire and founder of the censorship lobbying group Safe Internet League, Konstantin Malofeev, has begun a campaign to tighten internet censorship across the country. Malofeev,

Online marketing news: social yin & yang, instagram for brands, facebook gives roi
Online Marketing Blog - 2 hours ago

The Yin and Yang of Social Media Training Having a strong, social workforce by way of employee advocates can do a lot for a business. It shows your customers that your employees believe in your brand, while making your brand more human with direct contact - person to person. Many organizations are hesitant,

Seven most interesting search marketing news stories of the week
Search Engine Watch Blog - 3 hours ago

Welcome to our weekly round-up of all the latest news and research from around the world of search marketing and beyond. This week we have a bountiful collection of news, a heaving trove of stats and a swollen haul of insight from the last seven days. These adjectives will make more sense in about one headline's time.

Quit designing websites that look good & start creating websites that work by @neilpatel
Search Engine Journal - 3 hours ago

The temptation to place more importance on a pretty web design than a functional one is common. But designing websites that are useful are more important. The post Quit Designing Websites That Look Good & Start Creating Websites That Work by @neilpatel appeared first on Search Engine Journal .

Joost de valk (aka yoast) talks wordpress, seo, and plugins on #marketingnerds by @brentcsutoras
Search Engine Journal - 3 hours ago

In this episode of #MarketingNerds, Joost de Valk of Yoast joins Brent Csutoras to talk about WordPress, SEO, and Plugins. The post Joost de Valk (aka Yoast) Talks WordPress, SEO, and Plugins on #MarketingNerds by @brentcsutoras appeared first on Search Engine Journal .

How to build a wordpress site in 24 hours by @brianharnish
Search Engine Journal - 3 hours ago

Building a WordPress site can take less than 24 hours. However, it will take much longer to build a great online presence that drives consistent traffic. The post How to Build a WordPress Site in 24 Hours by @BrianHarnish appeared first on Search Engine Journal .

Six fictional search engines we wish existed
Search Engine Watch Blog - 4 hours ago

With every new development in search technology, search engines are becoming more and more futuristic. With voice search and digital assistants letting you talk to search engines, and natural language search turning searching into a conversation,

Google to unveil new adwords redesign on may 24 by @southernsej
Search Engine Journal - 14 hours ago

Google announced it will be doing a live demo of the redesigned AdWords interface later this month on May 24th. The post Google to Unveil New Adwords Redesign on May 24 by @SouthernSEJ appeared first on Search Engine Journal .

Highlights from tonight's youtube brandcast event: what's next for google preferred
YouTube - 14 hours ago

Tonight, YouTube hosted our fifth annual Brandcast in New York, our digital Newfronts event, where we showcase the best of YouTube to advertisers and agencies. With a little help from Big Bird , the Whip Nae Nae , and Sia , we showed that YouTube is where the world chooses to watch: on mobile alone,

St kilda mums helps mums, powered by google apps for work
Google Enterprise - 16 hours ago

Posted by Mary Gourley, Google for Work, Public Sector (and proud mum of three) For all the amazing things mums do, they deserve much more than just one day to recognize their greatness. As Sunday approaches, Google Australia is celebrating an organization that makes Mother's Day an everyday affair.

Google is reading romance novels to improve conversational search by @southernsej
Search Engine Journal - 17 hours ago

For the past few month's Google's AI has been reading nearly 3,000 romance novels in order to improve its conversational search abilities. The post Google is Reading Romance Novels to Improve Conversational Search by @SouthernSEJ appeared first on Search Engine Journal .

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