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How to Get Tons of Great Data From Google AdWords Instantly
Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 12:08:38 GMT by Joseph Kerschbaum
The Home screen is an under-utilized element of your AdWords account. Here's how to reorganize in order to get to your data efficiently.
author: Joseph Kerschbaum
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

seoClarity: In Mobile World, Search Result Placement Is Critical to Clicks
Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 18:02:18 GMT by Ashley Zeckman
Search engine optimization - and where a website appears in search results - can have a significant impact on click-through rate )CTR(, especially for mobile search.
author: Ashley Zeckman
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Bing Allows Consumers to Use Emojis as Search Term
Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 16:01:40 GMT by Mike O'Brien
To allow users to search the same way they communicate, Bing upgraded its search engine to recognize emojis.
author: Mike O'Brien
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Scaling SEO Across Your Enterprise Business - The Human Element
Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 13:55:55 GMT by Jim Yu
Scaling SEO at your company is not just about SEO - success is also dependent on leadership, project management, and efficient process.
author: Jim Yu
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Yahoo Bing Network Audience Stats That Might Surprise You
Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 12:10:17 GMT by John Gagnon
The latest numbers from comScore on the Bing audience are available - and the stats just might surprise you.
author: John Gagnon
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Google Webmaster Update: Blocking JavaScript & CSS Can Affect Indexing
Monday, October 27, 2014, 16:08:19 GMT by Ashley Zeckman
Google has updated its Webmaster Guidelines, which will likely affect sites that are blocking JavaScript or CSS files.
author: Ashley Zeckman
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Your Guide to 301 Redirects for SEO
Monday, October 27, 2014, 12:01:51 GMT by Jayson DeMers
In general nothing bad will happen whether visitors type in www or leave it off. But there are things you should handle with care, lest your SEO campaign suffer.
author: Jayson DeMers
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Are You Avoiding These 3 Trouble Areas in International PPC?
Friday, October 24, 2014, 13:57:27 GMT by Pauline Jakober
What are some of the most common problems international brands face in their paid search management?
author: Pauline Jakober
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

3 Ways to Form More Integrated Social and SEO Teams
Friday, October 24, 2014, 12:06:48 GMT by Brittney Sheffield
Social and SEO teams can sometimes play juxtaposing roles on paper. But to be truly successful, both social and SEO should engage in a two-way conversation between businesses and their target audiences.
author: Brittney Sheffield
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Disney Dominates Halloween Keyword Ad Spend
Thursday, October 23, 2014, 20:05:59 GMT by Ashley Zeckman
Almost one-third of all paid search ad spend for Halloween costume keywords was spent on a Disney-related search term, AdGooroo says.
author: Ashley Zeckman
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Bing Ads Launches Universal Event Tracking
Thursday, October 23, 2014, 18:05:16 GMT by Lisa Raehsler
Bing Ads has developed Universal Event Tracking )UET(, a way to define and track goals for performance and conversions, the company revealed at today's Bing Ads Next event.
author: Lisa Raehsler
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Mobile Ad Revenues Soar as Search and Directories Flatten Out
Thursday, October 23, 2014, 16:59:54 GMT by Emily Alford
The IAB's half-year ad revenue report shows record growth, mostly due to the rise of mobile advertising. Meanwhile, search and directory advertising have stayed at the same levels since last year.
author: Emily Alford
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Finding Local Search Success, Post-Pigeon and Penguin 3.0
Thursday, October 23, 2014, 14:08:53 GMT by Bill Connard
In the constantly shifting local search landscape, where it can feel like the targets are forever on the move )and interspersed with furry and feathered but unfriendly animals(, what's a marketer to do?
author: Bill Connard
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

People Build Links
Thursday, October 23, 2014, 12:02:11 GMT by Peter van der Graaf
Knowing the right people in person and getting links based on goodwill can provide the best links, but it can also be very time-consuming.
author: Peter van der Graaf
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

The Votes Are In: Bing, Internet Explorer, & CNN Partner for 2014 Elections
Wednesday, October 22, 2014, 18:00:54 GMT by Ashley Zeckman
Bing has formed a partnership with Internet Explorer and CNN that could in fact be a game-changer for the 2014 elections.
author: Ashley Zeckman
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Gmail, Google+, and Hangouts Suffer Outage Across Europe
Wednesday, October 22, 2014, 17:10:37 GMT by Carly Page
The hour-long problem sees services replaced with 500-error messages.
author: Carly Page
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Penguin 3.0: A Proven Roadmap to Recovery
Wednesday, October 22, 2014, 15:50:10 GMT by Marcela De Vivo
Many wondered if recovery from Penguin was even possible; in this case study, we'll show you that it's not only possible, but exactly the steps we took to accomplish this recovery.
author: Marcela De Vivo
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Google Panda and the High Risk of Using Aggressive or Deceptive Advertising
Wednesday, October 22, 2014, 14:04:31 GMT by Glenn Gabe
Aggressive or deceptive advertising tactics can heavily impact user engagement, which in turn can cause serious Panda issues. Learn how to avoid, and deal with, advertising tactics that ring the Panda dinner bell.
author: Glenn Gabe
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Facebook Ads: Lessons From the Trenches
Wednesday, October 22, 2014, 11:58:47 GMT by John Lee
Much like those of its search-cousins AdWords or Bing Ads, Facebook Ads' feature sets change frequently, leaving us in a constant state of learning and testing to find out what works.
author: John Lee
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Search Engine Marketing Checklist for Hotel Marketers
Tuesday, October 21, 2014, 22:34:08 GMT by Gordon Choi
In order to attract consumers, good search engine marketing should be built on a strong and thorough checklist.
author: Gordon Choi
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

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