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The Role of Search and Social for Super Bowl XLIX Advertisers
Friday, January 30, 2015, 18:43:25 GMT by Kelly Wrather
The digital arena offers a great way to insert yourself into the conversation and capitalize off the momentum, even for those advertisers who couldn't justify budgets for some screen time.
author: Kelly Wrather
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Local SEO: 5 Advanced Tactics for Greater Visibility
Friday, January 30, 2015, 15:22:13 GMT by Brad Miller
Like all other areas of SEO, local SEO is an ever-evolving entity. The last few years in particular have seen huge changes in the tools and techniques businesses need to use to rank well for location-specific searches.
author: Brad Miller
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Should We Still Worry About Thin Content?
Friday, January 30, 2015, 14:36:55 GMT by Stephen Kenwright
It's not about the quality of the copy but the value that content adds to the user.
author: Stephen Kenwright
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

No Time to Create Content? No Way! 13 Tips for Quick and Easy Content
Friday, January 30, 2015, 13:31:33 GMT by Larry Kim
Think you don't have time for content? Think again.
author: Larry Kim
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

OneDrive and Bing Add Search, Shareability to Photos
Thursday, January 29, 2015, 17:49:20 GMT by Emily Alford
Microsoft's cloud product, OneDrive, has partnered with the company's search engine Bing to automatically add searchable tags to user photos.
author: Emily Alford
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

What to Do When Your Organic Landing Page Isn't the Optimal Page
Thursday, January 29, 2015, 15:18:21 GMT by Erin Everhart
SEOs are just as responsible for the user's experience when they land on the page as they are on how to get them there in the first place. And that changes everything, especially when it comes to your SERP landing page.
author: Erin Everhart
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

10 Essentials in Implementing a SEO-Effective Infinite Scroll
Thursday, January 29, 2015, 13:42:46 GMT by Guillaume Bouchard
While it can be beneficial to adopt Infinite Scroll, it is important that its implementation takes into account the best SEO and usability practices.
author: Guillaume Bouchard
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Calling All Gentlemen! Pinterest Wants Your Business
Wednesday, January 28, 2015, 19:41:13 GMT by Ashley Zeckman
Pinterest is looking to change its female-oriented reputation by expanding its search functionality to include more topics that it thinks will appeal to men.
author: Ashley Zeckman
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Super Bowl Teasers, an NFL YouTube Channel, & Google Search Updates
Wednesday, January 28, 2015, 17:35:27 GMT by Ashley Zeckman
The Super Bowl is quickly approaching and fans are anxiously awaiting, and searching for information about, the biggest game of the year.
author: Ashley Zeckman
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Can You Escape Penguin Simply by Getting Good Links?
Wednesday, January 28, 2015, 15:49:47 GMT by Marie Haynes
A in-depth look at whether a site can recover from Penguin just by earning good enough links.
author: Marie Haynes
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Negative Keywords Geek Out: Proactive and Reactive Approach
Wednesday, January 28, 2015, 14:34:19 GMT by Lisa Raehsler
Since negative keywords prevent ads from showing on irrelevant keywords, advertisers can save significant click spend and improve overall performance of an account by implementing a plan of attack.
author: Lisa Raehsler
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

12 Trends Search Marketers Can't Ignore in Content Marketing
Wednesday, January 28, 2015, 13:44:02 GMT by Pratik Dholakiya
Content marketing is an increasingly important part of a search marketer's job. Here are 12 trends those in the SEO business can't afford to ignore.
author: Pratik Dholakiya
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Google Trash Can Recovers Your Deleted Analytics
Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 19:42:17 GMT by Emily Alford
A new recovery feature for Google Analytics means that users will never again have to worry about deleting data or accounts. Trash Can will safely save information in a in a recovery folder.
author: Emily Alford
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Adobe Finds Google's CTR Growing Faster Than Its CPC
Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 18:26:49 GMT by Mike O'Brien
Google's click-through-rate growth is outpacing its cost-per-click growth, according to Adobe's Digital Index's Q4 Digital Advertising Benchmark report.
author: Mike O'Brien
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

YP Data Helps National Brands Go Local
Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 17:41:33 GMT by Emily Alford
YP is using search data to deliver real-time, cross-device ads based on local search history. The ads will appear on mobile even if customers search on desktop and vice versa.
author: Emily Alford
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Analyzing AdWords With Analytics Treemaps
Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 15:50:51 GMT by Helena Clark
The Treemaps report in Google Analytics allows search marketers to quickly spot the strong and weak areas of their AdWords accounts, helping drive attention to the right places.
author: Helena Clark
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Back to Basics - Goal Reports in Google Analytics
Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 13:50:05 GMT by Anna Lewis
There's a lot to be said for going back to basics and reviewing what data you have in Google Analytics. Take a fresh look at your goals at least twice a year and use the tips in this post to understand their results better.
author: Anna Lewis
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

3 Underused Insights From AdWords' Dimensions Tab
Monday, January 26, 2015, 15:36:55 GMT by Jason Tabeling
These three pieces of data that can be found in the Dimensions tab often go unnoticed, but they can be extremely useful for search marketers.
author: Jason Tabeling
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Organic Conversion Reporting: Is It Accurate?
Monday, January 26, 2015, 14:01:21 GMT by Josh McCoy
These are the six most frequently occurring conversion tracking mistakes that you yourself may be falling victim to.
author: Josh McCoy
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

Google CEO Predicts the Internet Will "Disappear"
Saturday, January 24, 2015, 00:08:49 GMT by Carly Page
Google CEO Eric Schmidt has predicted that the Internet as we know it today will disappear in the future, thanks to the Internet of Things.
author: Carly Page
publisher: Search Engine Watch Blog

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