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The social bookmark button is a button that you can place on your website that contains the most bookmark services so visitors can easily add your site to their favorite bookmark service. Adding the bookmark button to your site is a sure way to have your site bookmarked by one of the many social bookmark services or the users browser, and receive more returning and new visitors as result of it.

Add the Social Bookmark Button within your website.

To add the Social Bookmark Button within your website, just copy and paste the HTML code below into your web page.

Step 1: Select menu type
Drop Down  Pop Up  Direct Links with icons

Add the Social Bookmarks Tool to your Firefox, IE, or Opera browser.

The bookmarklet is a new feature that allows you to quickly bookmark any webpage you visit. To get started using the bookmarklet, drag the bookmarklet link below into your Firefox or Opera browser bookmarks/address bar.


For IE, you'll need to use the following work-around: Right-click on the bookmarklet button, then select "Add to Favorites" » "Links".

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT modify the code, otherwise we can not guarantee the correct working of this tool!

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